Solder frames from Schnaidt. Highest manufacturing precision, customised to your requirements.

3d AssetShad Hall v005 REN 6 2

most sophisticated SMD cover by means of titanium

Industry-leading thermal management

Specially for the wave soldering process developed material mix

Significantly increased first-pass yield rate

Our ergonomic hold-down system for checking THT components effectively prevents polarity reversal and placement errors.

Optimised set-up management

Modular inner kits and hold-down devices enable an increase in throughput of up to 25%.

Significant reduction in the scrap rate

The innovative tie rod system prevents twisting or bending of the solder mask.

3d AssetShad Hall v005 REN 2 2

Our individually designed soldering masks enable you to optimise set-up management and significantly increase the efficiency of your processes. Using the best materials, minimal tolerances and patented components guarantees an enormous improvement in your process quality.

Industry-leading thermal management

Innovative thermal management effectively prevents thermal stress, material tension, overheating, component damage, twisting and deflection.

customised to your product

Customised hold-down systems make it possible to hold components in place to prevent them from being swept up by the shaft pressure or to check for the presence of position-coded components in order to avoid incorrect placement and thus reworking.

Optimal chamfer pattern

technical data

At a glance


CDM®-ESD glass fibre material with up to 80,000 soldering cycles Titanium (dimensionally stable) aluminium, hard-coated

Tie rod system

Up to 0.05 mm flatness

Wall thickness

≥ 0.2 mm for titanium

Outer frame accuracy

≥ 0.2 mm for titanium


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