Schnaidt Cut. Complete process reliability for daily use in production.

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ROI in the shortest time

Low acquisition costs and the significant increase in the FPY rate enable a rapid return on investment.

No risk of damage to SMD components

Universally applicable

Compatible with all standard PCB layouts with pre-scoring.

Reliable process

Our Poka-Yoke system makes it possible to use our rolling knife without extensive training.

Optional suction unit

With our retrofittable vacuum system, impurities can be extracted directly from the lower and upper blade.

No media supply required at the workstation

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Schnaidt Cut is a robust depanelling system designed for daily use in production. As an additional option, impurities can be extracted directly at the lower and upper blade and therefore cannot come into contact with the components.

Exceptional service life

Our unique and secure guidance of the PCB reliably prevents operating errors. This ensures that the two blades need to be replaced much less frequently. Together with the excellent material quality, this results in an above-average service life for our circular blade.


The circular blade is easy to move and can be positioned and used anywhere in production. Thanks to our innovative design, it can be easily integrated into cellular production.

Secure holding of assemblies after disconnection

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CDM®-ESD glass fibre material
Dimensionally stable aluminium, hard-coated


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