Stencil printing support from Schnaidt. No sagging, ideal print result.

3d AssetShad Hall v005 REN 6

Quick and tool-free

Linearly guided pick-up rails enable ideal set-up management in low-volume and high-mix production.

No sagging

Flexible length of the printing support plate

Optional offset strips allow customised configuration of the setup.

impressively lightweight

The just 10 mm thick glass fibre plates, made of innovative ESD-safe glass fibre material, lead to a considerable reduction in weight and thus simplified storage compared to the aluminium support blocks known on the market.

Double-sided loading

Negative contours in the support plate enable SMD loading on both sides.

Compatible with all common printer models

3d AssetShad Hall v005 REN 2

Our stencil printing support focuses directly on the process. Our customers' experience shows that well over half of the problems that occur in the SMD process are caused by an uneven application of solder paste. Our innovative print support plate guarantees an ideal print image and an exact fill level.

Significant increase in the FPY rate

The PCBs are supported during the printing process in a way that prevents bending. The option of adding negative profiles to the support plate means that this can even be guaranteed with double-sided assembly. This ensures an ideal print image and a significant increase in the FPY rate.

Low maintenance

The optimised geometry enables effortless and uncomplicated cleaning, which in turn has a positive effect on service life.

Completely ESD-safe

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CDM®-ESD glass fibre material
Dimensionally stable aluminium, hard-coated


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