Workpiece carriers from Schnaidt. Absolutely stress-free separation of PCB panels.

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Compatible with all types of PCBs

Our special solutions enable, among other things, the safe storage of metal-core and ceramic PCBs.

Flexi supports customised to panel size

Unrivalled precision

Customised to the specific product our carriers guarantee precise and tension-free fixing of the PCBs during the entire process.

Ready for automation

Special lift-out carriers can be used to precisely position individual PCBs and feed them to an automated removal system.

Optimal interlinking of process steps

Innovative design allows the PCB to remain on the workpiece carrier throughout the entire production process.

Compatible with all common depanelling systems

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Our state-of-the-art carrier systems are designed to eliminate mechanical stress on PCB panels and fully protect sensitive components from dust and damage. Rubberised panel holders enable vibration-free clamping of PCB panels and guarantee the best results.

Smart set-up management

Our innovative matrix system enables fast product changeovers during operation and thus significantly increases machine availability.

Absolutely safe to operate

Precision-milled supports and holding mechanisms ensure maximum component protection and thereby significantly reduce the scrap rate while simultaneously increasing the FPY rate.

Compatible with all common depanelling systems

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CDM®-ESD glass fibre material with up to 80,000 soldering cycles
(dimensionally stable) aluminium, hard-coated
VA stainless steel


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